Basic Law Enforcement Academy TAC Officer Position


TAC Officers provide full-time services to the Commission, coordinating and conducting Washington State Basic Training Academy programs under the direction of the Commander and Assistant Commanders. The position of the TAC Officer is one of immense importance.  At times demanding, the position requires hard work but returns high reward.

The TAC Officer position offers:

  • Up to a three-year commitment
  • WSCJTC fully reimburses agencies for wages and benefits
  • Professional development and training opportunities
  • Allocated academy spots for TAC Officer agencies

Candidates for this position will be evaluated in six main areas:

  • Documented history of high-quality performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teaching Abilities
  • Role Modeling/Mentoring
  • Administrative Competence
  • Ability to perform the tasks required of recruits

The TAC Officer is responsible for delivering lecture, scenario, and reality-based instruction.

To be considered for this position, submit an application packet including Resume, Last two-years performance evaluations,  list of sustained complaint history with the agency's Professional Standards Office for the past 24 months, Letter of Interest and Letter of Support from the agency by email to Assistant Commander Tim Fasnacht at: Any additional letters of  recommendation may be submitted with the packet.

Upon review and acceptance of this packet, qualified candidates will be contacted regarding the next phase of the screening process. The next phase may include:

  • WSCJTC on-site visit
  • WSCJTC informational interview of co-workers
  • Oral board
  • Classroom instruction evaluation

Application packets are due June 11th, 2021 by 1700 hours. Interviews will be held by invitation.

For further information or clarification, please feel free to contact:

Assistant Commander Tim Fasnacht
(206) 835-7324