About Corrections

As provided in RCW 43.101.220, all full-time corrections employees in the state of Washington with the exception of the Washington state department of corrections prison division or of any city, county, or political subdivision of the state of Washington must, as a condition of continued employment, successfully complete a basic corrections academy as prescribed, sponsored, or conducted by the commission.

The commission and the department of corrections share the responsibility of developing and defining training standards and providing training for community corrections officers employed within the community corrections division of the department of corrections. This requirement to complete basic training must be fulfilled within the initial six months of corrections employment unless otherwise extended or waived by the commission.

Requests for extension or waiver of the basic training requirement must be submitted to the commission in writing as designated by its policies.



If you have any questions regarding Peace Officer Certification, please contact the following staff:

Valerie Weaver, Certification Manager
(206) 835-7376

If you have any questions regarding corrections academies, please contact the following staff:

Serena Anastasio, Registrar
(206) 835-7299

Application Documents

Please use the forms below for hires and separations; all forms are to be submitted to certmail@cjtc.wa.gov.  As of 05/01/2020, these revised forms will be required.  Any outdated forms will not be processed and returned for resubmission.
Notice of Corrections Officer Separation_Rev12072020 fillable

UPDATED Notice of Corrections Officer Separation- Effective 12/07/2020