21 CPL

21st Century Police Leadership (21 CPL)  is a new, innovative and intensive course designed to foster, train and empower law enforcement supervisors and managers at all levels within their organizations.  Selected applicants will be assigned to a cohort that will receive this training during a 3-month period.  The primary courses embedded within this curriculum are Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communications and Cultivating Culture.  The delivery method for this curriculum will involve pre-course self-study work, 3 days in class followed by assignments and peer learning calls between courses.  A culminating capstone project will be required before credit can be given for completion of this program.

21 CPL was developed with full commitment to the following priorities:  Inspiring lifelong learning and that leadership training should be actionable.  Participants in this curriculum should be able to clearly see and understand how to apply what they’ve learned as soon as they leave the class with a clear understanding of why leadership is vital to the future of the law enforcement profession and how to use the tools practiced in class.  

To register for the course, contact your Training Manager to assign the training to you via LMS.  A nomination letter from your Chief/Sheriff will need to be emailed to Rick Bowen, Program Manager in addition to registration through LMS.

Upcoming classes are listed below.  Registration does not guarantee acceptance into the class.  Selections will be completed four weeks prior to the class; those accepted into the class will receive a notification at that time.


Rick Bowen (Building Public Trust Program Manager)

(206) 835-7368

Who can attend our classes?

This class is open to any and all supervisors in law enforcement agencies around Washington State.

Dress Code

Visitors attending training at the WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt/uniform or agency ID badge while on campus. 

Visitors not wearing agency identification can attend classes in business casual attire.  They will need to check in at the front desk and wear a clip-on visitor's identification card.


Classroom hours are 0800 - 1700 hrs.


Cancellations must be done at least one month out so the seat can be reassigned to someone else.

Training sessions

Session Session Title Selection Date Dates & Hours Location Status Cost
4250-2 21 CPL 7/15/2020 9/8/2020 - 11/5/2020
Class Hours:
0800 - 1700
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open Free