Integrated Arrest Tactics

The following instructor series is designed to develop instructors with the ability to train at both the new-hire and in-service levels of Integrated Arrest Tactics and act as a subject matter expect in their region and for their agency. The series begins with the IAT Instructor Course followed by courses that build on the foundation set in the instructor course.

Upon completion of the Integrated Arrest Tactics Instructor course, the instructor is expected to put the knowledge and skills acquired to use in the field. The IAT Instructor will assist a Lead Instructor or Master Instructor in delivering departmental, regional, or Basic IAT instruction.

After participating in instructing the minimum number of hours and recommendation by a Lead or Master Instructor, the IAT Instructor can attend the Lead Instructor Course. Upon completion of the IAT Lead Instructor course, the IAT Lead Instructor can conduct training on their own in cooperation with a Master Instructor in their region. 




Kyle McCutchen (IAT TAC Officer), Mariah Collier (Administrative Assistant),   (206) 786- 8959



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The Integrated Arrest Tactics (IAT) Assistant Instructor Recertification Course is designed for law enforcement officers who want to assist IAT Lead Instructors in delivering training to their agency or other law enforcement organizations and have previously been certified as an IAT Assistant Instructor. The course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the WSCJTC IAT Program curriculum, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively assist IAT Lead Instructors in delivering the curriculum.


The course is designed to be the foundation.  Covering all the basics in motor learning, practice structure, class structure, and skill instruction.  This comprehensive and practical course will help each new instructor develop the skills and confidence to assist in all the fundamental Integrated Arrest Tactics classes taught at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and through In-Service training. 


This course builds on the foundation of the IAT Instructor course.  Students will learn how to employ advanced concepts in motor learning to structure a practice session for optimal skill acquisition.  In this phase of the road to being a Master Instructor, the student primarily focuses on how to create proper skill sessions, closed skill testing parameters, open skill practices and testing and finally feedback structures to maximize learning.        


Integrated Arrest Tactics Instructor Recertification is a 40-hour comprehensive tactics review course for currently certified MI’s.