Defensive Tactics

The following instructor series is designed to develop instructors with the ability to train at both the new-hire and in-service levels of Control and Defensive Tactics. The series begins with Control Tactics Instructor followed by other tactics designed for more resistive individuals. 

Upon completion of Control Tactics Instructor course, the officer is eligible to attend OC Pepper spray Instructor and/or Defensive Tactics Instructor, followed by Ground Survival Tactics Instructor, Firearms Retention Instructor and Impact Weapons Instructor.  This stair-step system maximizes the use of class time by building on knowledge and skills learned in previous classes; thus eliminating segregation and separation of skill instructors by specialty.

By utilizing this building block system, the physical force instructor can properly teach both an escalation and de-escalation of force application. This method has demonstrated, not only be more efficient and effective, but also reduces the likelihood of excessive use of force litigation.

Note: Classes are restricted to people employed in the criminal justice field.


The motor skills acquired in the C/DT arena are perishable and ever-changing.  Therefore the WSCJTC continues with a strict certification and re-certification program for both the Instructor and MI level programs.  The recertification courses test both the cognitive and motor skills of students.  These re-certification courses are typically 20-24 hours in length.  As with all recertification courses, the participant will be instructed and tested on all changes to the curriculum both for the basic academies and instructor courses.


Course Name Course Number Description Cost
2067 This course is designed to ensure solid grounding in the concepts surrounding motor skill instructional methodology and to better prepare Master Instructors for delivering the “motor leaning” portion of various instructor courses. More specifically, theories developed from scientific research in the area of motor learning and performance. $150
2167 ACMLP recertification is an update and recertification course for the Advanced Concepts of Motor Learning and Performance (ACMLP #2067). $150
2071 This is a comprehensive control tactics course that is 80 hours in length.  CT-I combines hair-hold, counter-joint, pressure point and temporary mechanical restraint tactics, with basic knowledge needed to effectively instruct and assess motor (physical techniques instructional methodology) skills. $700 
2171 This class is a re-certification of Control Tactics Instructor Course #2071 and is 32 hours in length. $200
2076 This is a 40-hour class designed to promote effective and efficient use of bodily impact weapons.  $350 
2176 This class is a recertification of Defensive Tactics Instructor Level 2 #2076. $175 
2187 Course material covers the specifics of winning an assault of the officer on the ground. Due to the danger associated with this type of attack, training will focus on all levels of force available to the officer, up to and including deadly force. $400 
2287 GST-Instructor recertification is an 8-hour course designed to update those skills for a “grounded” assault on the officer.  $150 
2073 Course includes training in the use of the standard police baton, the flashlight, the riot baton, and the various expandable batons currently available. Due to multiple requests, this course now includes material covered in course #2072; participants will receive an additional certificate.  $375 
2173 This is a recertification course for Impact Weapons Instructor Course #2073. This course is 20 hours (2.5 days) in length and should be attended within 3 years of last certification  $175 

This 80-hour course is the culmination of successful completion of all the courses offered in the physical force noted above including ACMLP and completion of the necessary outside course work.


Master Control/Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification is a 40-hour comprehensive tactics review course for currently certified MI’s. 

2079 Oleoresin Spray Instructor class is a 24-hour class that is designed to promote safe and efficacious selection and use of OC spray. $150 
2179 Is an “online” course with access to course material granted after registration. The course should take approximately 6 hours to complete coursework and testing, and should be completed within 3 years of last certification.  $75 
 Participants will demonstrate a variety of skills, such as threat recognition, prioritization and response, high risk handcuffing, legal authority and many others.
2190 Tactics Instructor is an 80-hour comprehensive patrol tactics course designed to promote safe and effective tactics typically required on a daily basis for LEO. This course is the prerequisite for all other advanced/unusual occurrence tactics classes.
No fee through June 2020
2075 The VNR Instructor class is a 24-hour instructor course that develops the Participant to deliver training in the VNR training to line officers. $275 
2175 This course is a recertification of Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor Course #2075. $125