Control Tactics - Level 1 Instructor

This is an 80-hour comprehensive control tactics course designed to promote safe and efficacious use of control level force. This course is the prerequisite for all other physical force tactics classes and contains theory and techniques for motor skill instruction.

Within this class the participant learns:

  • The components of Control Tactics application
  • Instruction and testing
  • The participant also identifies situations that allow for the application of reasonable physical force.
  • Emphasis is placed:
    • On proper psychomotor skills involved in Control Level force employment
    • Proper means of instruction
    • Theoretical background to analyze and develop agency specific programs which serves as a basis for subsequent physical force tactics classes.

Specific areas covered in this course:

  • Control Point Tactics
  • Joint Manipulation Control Tactics
  • Hair-hold Control Tactics
  • Handcuff Application Tactics
  • Motor performance motor learning as they relate to skill instruction and testing
  • Appropriate method of safe class conduct including awareness of environmental conditions relative to the specific class content of a PMS training session
  • Components of learning goals and performance objectives and the appropriate use of each
  • The PADDIE process and basic concepts of program development and implementation.

Students will need to pass a physical ability test on day one of the course. The requirements have changed, please review the new requirements.

  • 30 6-count Burpees in 3 minutes or less
  • 30 sit ups in 60 seconds or less
Sacheie Coaxum (Division Administrator)

(206) 835-7329

Pre-Course work

Participants are responsible for purchasing the text below.  The book can be purchased from the link below or used from a variety of sources (Amazon, Ebay, etc.).  

Participants must read and answer questions for each chapter.  It is required to pass a written entrance exam based on this text. 


Dress Code

Visitors attending training at WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt/uniform or agency ID badge while on campus.  

If you are not wearing agency identification, you will be asked to check in at the front desk and will be provided with a clip-on visitor's identification card. 


Level One Instructor Recertification Course #2171, is 32 hours in length and should be attended within 3 years of last certification. 


Class will be held 0800 - 1700 for two weeks Monday through Friday.

Dates and locations are listed below.