Scoped Rifle Instructor Certification for LE/PS

This Scoped Rifle instructor course is designed to provide law enforcement/security instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to train employees how to effectively deploy a rifle weapon system equipped with a telescopic sight.  This course is open to agencies looking for instructors that provide training in Level 1 Scoped Rifle to their personnel.  Participants of this course will demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the operation of the rifle and telescopic sight.
  • A basic understanding of ballistics and the environmental factors that influence a bullet trajectory.
  • experience operating the scoped rifle under a variety of shooting conditions and distances during live fire exercises.
  • Basic instruction techniques.

To register for the course, contact your Training Manager to assign the training to you via Acadisor complete the application under "Required Forms".  

Upcoming classes are listed below.  Registration does not guarantee acceptance into the class.  Selections will be completed four weeks prior to the class; those accepted into the class will receive a notification at that time. 

If classes are full, or not available, please complete the Course Interest Survey.  This is not a waiting list, but instead helps us see if there is enough interest to create another class.  If we schedule a session, we will contact everyone who has completed the survey and request that registration be completed. 

Tisha Jones (LEOSA & Firearms Certificate Program Manager)

(206) 779-5381

Who can attend our classes?

This class is open to active law enforcement/security personnel that are current firearms instructors for their agency/department.

Dress Code

Visitors attending training at the WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt/uniform or agency ID badge while on campus. 

Visitors not wearing agency identification can attend classes in business casual attire.  They will need to check in at the front desk and wear a clip-on visitor's identification card.


Deadline to cancel is 7 days prior to class.  Send an email to to cancel your registration. 

$700 no show or late cancellation fee. 


Registration is preferred through the LMS system.  If a paper application is needed, please complete the form below and email to for processing.