Arrestling Coach Level Advanced Weapon Retention and Ground Survival

This course is hosted by Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau.

This is an Instructor Level, Train the Trainer Course. Students who complete this 5 day course will be certified as both Advanced Weapon Retention and Advanced Ground Survival Instructors.

Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.


(425) 388- 3613

Required Equipment

Wrestling or mat type shoes
Dutybelt with holster and cuff case
Taser Holster (if carried)
Handcuffs or Training Cuffs
Mock Weapon or SIRT Pistol
Simmunition or UTM Training Pistol
Kneepads, Grom Protector (External Best)
BOU top , Focus Mitts, Ballistic Vest or
External Vest, Athletic tape, Eye & Ear Pro
200 rounds Simunition Quiet Blanks or UTM Silent Blanks 
Optional Judo, Sambo Juijitsu Gi Boxing or Proforce Type Headgear