Career & Officer Survival For Dispatchers

This course is hosted by the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. 

Public  safety  dispatchers  are  trying  to  do  the  same  job  as  those  they dispatch from two  very different  locations  and perspectives.  They often have separate rules, dissimilar shifts, and neither entity truly understands the  other.  Taught  by  veteran  police  officer  and dispatch  trainer  Betsy Brantner Smith,  this  interactive,  multi-media  training  course  will give dispatchers,  supervisors,  and managers the insight they need to bridge the gap between line personnel and the dispatchers and call-takers that support them.

This   one-day   workshop   will   help   you   see,   hear   and   feel   what   is happening  on  both  sides  of  the  microphone  and  recognize  that  the actions, instincts, and expertise of a good dispatcher can play a vital role in police officer safety and survival. Dispatchers, cops and managers will learn how to bring both sides together to work as a team.

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