Detect, Deter, Defeat: Human Behavior Threat Analysis and De-escalation Techniques for Law Enforcement

This course is hosted by the Lewis County Sheriff's Office. 

This program teaches attendees to recognize behavior cues that improve their ability to make accurate assumptions about an individual’s thought process, emotional state and plans of action. 

Attendees learn methods and actions to diffuse hostilities and defend themselves without resulting in conflict or violence. Human Behavior Analysis is a method of observing people and accurately predicting what their next course of action will be. Science has observed that human behavior can be quite predictable, and it gives the bearer an ability to influence actions and reactions at all levels of public contact. Being able to observe and understand human behavior indicators gives law enforcement officers the ability to improve interactions, increase safety, and produce a more favorable and nonviolent outcome during interactions.

Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.