Executive Leadership Institute

This course is hosted by the Richland Police Department.

The   FBI-LEEDA   Executive   Leadership   Institute   (ELI)   is   an   innovative   4   1/2-day   program designed for executive-level law enforcement leaders and those leaders aspiring to executive- level leadership positions. ELI focuses on the emerging challenges facing 21st century police leaders,  as  well  as  planning  and  navigating  the  political  waters  of  executive  leadership.  This highly interactive program follows the FBI-LEEDA “cops talking to cops" model of professional development where students will engage in guided leadership discussions with instructors and other  students.  The  course  first  looks  inward  to  identify  the  forces  of  change  and  emerging trends  within  law  enforcement,  such  as  the  challenges  of  recruiting, hiring  and  leading different  social  generational  cohorts  and  different  cultural  groups  within  the  workforce. The ELI  also  presents  leadership  strategies  that  emphasize  the  importance  of  public  trust  and legitimacy, officer wellness, social and emotional intelligence.

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