Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Intervention, Phase I and II

This class is hosted by the Walla Walla Police Department.

Students will receive general theoretical concepts on hostage negotiations that include the three different types of response incidents, the reason law enforcement agencies negotiate, emotion verses rationality, managing an incident, profiles of hostage-takers and hostages, negotiator selection, time management; amongst others.

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Required Equipment

This block of instruction is intended to make the student aware of the required equipment that is necessary on any hostage or barricaded response. It will also serve to alert commanders of what equipment is available. The equipment presented includes the hostage phone (demonstrated in Phase 2 0/ P.A. c. T training), response vehicles, ballistic equipment, identifying raid jackets/ hats, fiber optic cameras and listening devices, department radio tactical channels, amongst others. This portion of the training will be presented in lecture and power point format.