Leadership for Law Enforcement

This course is hosted by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. 

Leadership has been a recognized discipline for thousands of years in the military, business, politics and government. Understanding leadership differences along with similar  approaches  across  disciplines  can  be  of  great  value  to  government executives.  Advances  in  the understanding of leadership as it pertains to government service have found that the best leaders must have an overlapping skill set.

This  compelling  and  powerful  program  provides  real  world,  successful  examples  on  how  leadership  in government  has  evolved.  Participants  will  take  away  a  clear  understanding  of  leadership  styles  and strengths, and what it takes to become an even more effective leader. You will understand the value in developing  flexibility  in  your  leadership  approach  to  garner  peak  performance  and  meet  organizational goals.

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