Officer Involved Shooting/Death Investigation

This course is hosted by the Yakima County Sheriff's Office.

This outstanding course, taught by two highly experienced master police trainers, provides every 
investigator and police administrator with the latest requirements and needs for competent 
investigation of that most visible and scrutinized police activity, the Officer-Involved Shooting 

(OIS). Participants will discover:

  • The comprehensive investigation: addressing meeting stakeholders’ objective concerns.
  • The need for increasingly more sophisticated investigations into OIS/In-Custody Deaths.
  • The latest in officer and witness rights, preventing civil liability exposure to the investigator.
  • Avoiding bias in the investigation.
  • Criminal and administrative investigation bifurcation issues.
  • Meeting the standards of proof and elements of lawful force.
  • Applied forensic human factors.
  • Critically understanding and analyzing video evidence.
  • Conducting effective interviews of involved officer(s).
Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.

(360) 671 - 2007