Career Level Certification (CLC)

Career Level Certification (CLC) is required for all law enforcement and corrections personnel hired, transferred to or promoted to a supervisory or management position as outlined in RCW 43.101.350. Of the three levels of CLC, only First Level Supervisor and Middle Management are mandated. To apply for the optional Executive Career Level Certification, the mandated First Level and Middle Management Certifications must already be obtained.

The core courses and elective leadership courses are available to everyone, but you cannot become certified unless you hold a position in that level. See below for certification requirements for each role.

Requirements by Level

Level 1: First Level Certification (Certification is required one year after serving in the promoted rank)

  • First Level Supervision 40 hour Course #4127 must be completed within one year of first level promotion.
  • Successfully complete 40 hours of leadership electives within one year of promotion.
  • Serve in a first level supervisory position for at least 12 months.

Level 2: Middle Management Certification (Certification is required one year after serving in the promoted rank)


  • Complete 40 hours of designated training from WASPC Credible Leadership Series, click here for the list of required training modules.
  • Successfully complete an additional 40 hours of leadership training within the WASPC Credible Leadership Series or other vendor leadership training within one year from promotion date.
  • Serve in a middle management position for at least 12 months.

Level 3: Executive Level Certification

For Executive Level Certification, an “Executive” definition is a chief, deputy chief, sheriff, undersheriff, superintendent, or director, and must hold one of the top two ranks in the agency. We also recognize equivalent positions with different titles may qualify depending on organizational structure, these are evaluated on a case by case basis.

You must be incumbent in one of these positions to apply.

To become certified, you must successfully complete a minimum of 80 hours as a combination of leadership courses listed below:

  • Command College co-sponsored by CJTC and the FBI
  • 21st Century Police Leadership (21 CPL) – only if not used for First Level or Middle Management Certification
  • FBI National Academy
  • Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command
  • FBI LEEDA Trilogy
  • Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) – only if not used for First Level or Middle Management Certification
  • Police Leadership: The West Point Model – only if not used for First Level or Middle Management Certification
  • Police Executive Leadership Forum Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP)
  • FBI National Executive Institute (NEI)

Once a course has been used to meet any core or elective training hour requirement it cannot be used again for a future certification.

Other Accepted Courses

We will honor the Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO), Police Leadership: The West Point Model (WPL) courses in lieu of the WSCJTC First Level Supervision or 21st Century Police Leadership courses to meet the requirements for Career Level Certification.

If you are applying for Executive Level Certification and would like to receive credit for a class completed within the last four years that is not listed above, please attach the syllabus and the certificate of completion for consideration.

Application Process

Once you have completed the requirements for your CLC, you must submit an application for that Level. Follow the steps below to ensure correct processing of the application packet.

  1. Download and complete the appropriate CLC application.
  2. Scan the signed application and required documents into one PDF file.
  3. Your agency Training Manager will need to upload your CLC application packet as one file to your profile in Acadis.

**Please note, incomplete or inaccurate application packets will be denied which will show on your Acadis history permanently, application packets cannot be edited or updated once they are uploaded.

Career Level Certification - Acadis Instructions

First Level Supervision CLC Application

Middle Management CLC Application

Executive CLC Applicatio