Interagency Agreements

According to RCW 39.34.040: "Prior to its entry into force, an agreement made pursuant to this chapter shall be filed with the county auditor or, alternatively, listed by subject on a public agency's web site or other electronically retrievable public source. In the event that an agreement entered into pursuant to this chapter is between or among one or more public agencies of this state and one or more public agencies of another state or of the United States the agreement shall have the status of an interstate compact, but in any case or controversy involving performance or interpretation thereof or liability thereunder, the public agencies party thereto shall be real parties in interest and the state may maintain an action to recoup or otherwise make itself whole for any damages or liability which it may incur by reason of being joined as a party therein. Such action shall be maintainable against any public agency or agencies whose default, failure of performance, or other conduct caused or contributed to the incurring of damage or liability by the state."

Find all active and valid WSCJTC interagency agreements below.

WSCJTC Interagency Agreement Log
Tribal Interagency Agreements (listed by Tribe): 




Colville- Natural Resource Enforcement



La Push - Quileute

Lower Elwha

Lummi Nation




Port Gamble S'Klallam

Port Gamble S'Klallam - Department of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Police of Washington



Shoalwater Bay




Squaxin Island Department of Public Safety and Justice






Upper Skagit



TAC Officer Agreements:


Brown South Correctional Entity - Exp. 12.15.2024

Cheeseman Lewis Co. - Exp. 01.07.2022

DeVore Seattle PD - Exp. 07.30.2022

Fasnacht Lynnwood PD - Exp. 11.30.2023

Green Bonney Lake PD - Exp. 04.30.2023

Osness Lakewood PD- Exp. 02.04.2022

Reyes King Co. - Exp. 02.29.2024

Rickert South Correctional Entity - Exp. 11.30.2023

Russey Seattle PD - Exp. 02.13.2025

Sele Seattle PD- Exp. 12.31.2022

Shearer WSP- Exp. 06.30.2024

Smith King Co. - Exp. 11.28. 2024

Sola Olympia PD - Exp. 07.31.2023

Wells Snohomish Co. - Exp. 01.01.2022

Woodard Tacoma PD - Exp. 12.10.2022

Other Interagency Agreements:


Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Georgetown University

Health Care Authority Agreement

King County Community and Health Services Contract

King County Crisis Intervention Training 2021-2024

King County EVOC

Liquor Control Board

Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH)

Office of Financial Management

Office of Financial Management - Addendum 2

Seattle PD BLEA Class 816

Seattle PD Video Interviews

Spokane PD BLEA

Spokane PD CIT 40 Hour

Spokane Interagency Agreement Nov 2021- June 2022

Spokane PD VirTra

University of Washington - Alliance for Child Welfare

University of Washington School of Nursing

Washington Military Department

Washington State Department of Corrections

Washington State Patrol Academy Approval to Train