About Railroad Police and Regulations

Under RCW 81.60.010, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission is empowered to and may in its discretion appoint and commission railroad police officers at the request of any railroad corporation and may revoke any appointment at its pleasure.

RCW 81.60.010 explain that every police officer appointed and commissioned under the provisions of RCW 81.60.010 through 81.60.060 shall when on duty have the power and authority conferred by law on peace officers, but shall exercise such power only in the protection of the property belonging to or under the control of the corporation at whose instance the officer is appointed and in preventing, and making arrest for, violations of law upon or in connection with such property.

For more information regarding these regulations and more, please review Chapter 81.60 RCW.


Under RCW 81.60.030, before receiving a commission each person appointed under the provisions of  RCW 81.60.010 through 81.60.060 shall successfully complete a course of training prescribed or approved by the criminal justice training commission, and shall take, subscribe, and file with the commission an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the state of Washington, and to faithfully perform the duties of the office. The corporation requesting appointment of a railroad police officer shall bear the full cost of training.

The approved training to meet this requirement are the Basic Law Enforcement Academy or the Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy.

Railroad police officers appointed and commissioned under  RCW 81.60.010 through 81.60.060 are subject to rules and regulations adopted by the commission.


If you have any questions regarding Railroad Commissioning, please contact:

Valerie Jenkins-Weaver, Certification Operations Manager
Desk phone: 206-835-7376

Cell phone: 425-754-8190


Application Documents

RCW 81.60.020 requires any railroad corporation desiring the appointment of any of its officers, agents, or servants not exceeding twenty-five in number for any one division of any railroad operating in this state as railroad police officers shall file a request with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission on an approved application form.

Form CJ-1901 Notice of Railroad Officer Hire

Form CJ-1908 Railroad Officer Oath of Office

Form CJ-1907 Notice of Railroad Officer Separation