CIT - 2-HR Annual Online Training


All general authority Washington peace officers, reserve peace officers, and certified tribal peace officers must complete the Commission’s 2-HR Annual Online Crisis Intervention Training per RCW 43.101.427.  This course is required as part of an officer’s 24-HR annual in-service training pursuant to WAC 139.05.300 using calendar year January 1 – December 31.  Successful completion of the 2-HR Annual Online CIT Training requires a passing score of 80% or higher and will include a certificate of completion.  Each year, a new course will be released with a new crisis or de-escalation topic.  Failure to complete this course, may result in a non-compliance for your agency.  

If an officer is unable to complete this training due to extenuating circumstances, the agency may request a waiver.  Please review this Waiver Request Information Sheet.


This course is available yearlong. For registration, please visit Acadis, our online training portal.


If you have any questions regarding this mandate, please contact the CIT Statewide Program Manager, Kayla Wold at

If you need assistance with the 2-HR Annual Online CIT Training Acadis training portal, please send an email to