LEOSA Concealed Carry Qualification

The Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA - 18USC926C) authorizes retired and separated law enforcement officers nationwide to carry concealed weapons throughout the country.

Please visit our LEOSA certification page to learn more.   Applicants must meet the standards established by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy for Covert Carry/Off Duty Proficiency.



$100 - For those applying for LEOSA for the first time and qualifying at the WSCJTC Range.

$50- For those renewing their LEOSA Qualification at the WSCJTC range.


Rachelle Wright (CIT King County, LEOSA, Firearms Certification Program Manager)

Who can attend our classes?

This course is for retired or separated law enforcement officers seeking certification to carry concealed weapons throughout the county.

Required Equipment

  • Handgun(s)
  • Belt or paddle holster (shoulder holsters are NOT allowed)
  • Ammunition (qualification course requires 25 rounds)
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Protective bullet-proof vest
    • Per WSCJTC policy you must wear a protective vest while on the range.  We no longer have loaner vests for you to use. Used vests can be purchased at uniform stores like LEED's, Blumenthal's, Bud's Police Supply, San Diego Police Supply, etc. The WSCJTC does not endorse one specific supplier.
    • If you are unable to bring a vest, you can contact a PS Certified Firearms Instructor and set up a LEOSA qualification outside of the WSCJTC campus at a public range.  Please note that many public ranges are starting to require ballistic vests, so verify with the instructor if a vest is required.

Dress Code

Visitors attending training at the WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt or agency ID badge while on campus. 


Applicants are given two attempts to achieve a passing score. Those failing to qualify may, after paying the fee again, try again at a future LEOSA Firearms Certification Qualification.


Schedules will vary depending on range availability.


Deadline to cancel is 7 days prior to class.  Send an email to pspi@cjtc.wa.gov to cancel your registration. 

You have the option of cancelling your application or moving it to another range date.


You must send in an application and the required fee before you can be scheduled to use the range. If you show up to shoot without having first sent in your application and fee you will not be allowed to participate.

If you did not send them in with your application, be sure to bring one passport photo for the ID card and a copy of your retired agency ID to the range.

Applicants must take the Range Qualification Sheet with them to the range.

Training sessions

Session Session Title Dates & Hours Location Status Cost
5035-5 LEOSA Concealed Carry Certification 11/14/2020
Class Hours:
0900 - 1200
WSCJTC Firing Range
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open See course details
5035-6 LEOSA Concealed Carry Certification 12/12/2020
Class Hours:
0900 - 1200
WSCJTC Firing Range
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open See course details