About Instructor Certification

The WSCJTC Instructor Certification Program is a WSCJTC initiative to give individuals the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively and competently instruct Criminal Justice courses. 

The Instructor Certification Program uses experience, feedback and coaching to develop instructors to meet evaluation standards as certification criterion that align with WSCJTC’s values and practices.

Program Managers are responsible to evaluate and select instructors based on the qualifications required to instruct for the specific courses, or instructional blocks within their programs. 


Kayla Wold: Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) – Statewide

Rachelle Wright: Firearms Certificates and Private Security Certified Firearms Instructor for WSCJTC. CIT-King County Programs. LEOSA – Retired Law Enforcement Qualifications.

Jennifer Wallace: Sexual Assault Investigations – Victim-Centered Engagement and Resiliency Tactics (SAI-VCERT)

Leanna Bidinger: Leadership Programs – Pre-Supervisor, First Level Supervision, Middle Management, Northwest Law Enforcement Command College and Executive Training Day, and Career Level Certification

DB Gates: Child Abuse Interviewing and Assessment (CAIA), Basic Homicide Investigations, Interviewing Techniques, Basic and Advanced Crime Scene Photography, Hostage Negotiations, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigations, and FBI Crime Scene Processing & Intro to Forensics.

Bob Graham: Collision Investigations, Instructor Development, EVOC Instructor, Law Enforcement Records, Property and Evidence Officer, Sheriff Civil Functions and Animal Control.

Rick Bowen: 21st Century Police Leadership, Blue Courage and Implicit Bias

Program Managers, Supervisors, or Lead Instructors will evaluate and document new instructor certification applicants for:

  • Preparedness
  • Knowledge of course material
  • Presentation skills
  • Student Interactions

The Instructor Certification Program is a tiered approach to certification with the following definitions:

Tier 1: An instructor is certified to teach for an individual course or specific blocks within a course if they meet the requirements set by the Program Manager. 

Tier 2: An instructor is certified to teach for multiple courses within a program, if they meet the requirements of the Program Manager and/or:

  • Successfully complete the Instructor Development I (ID) course
  • Receive an ID waiver because they have completed an equivalent training
  • Possess unique knowledge, skills or experience that would greatly benefit Criminal Justice Personnel  

Tier 3:  An instructor is certified to teach for multiple courses and programs if they meet all requirements of each Program Manager for each separate program, have completed a WSCJTC approved teaching philosophy/methodology course (i.e. VALOR, Plato’s Guardians: Philosophical Warriors). The instructor shall be recommended by the Division Manager and approved by the Deputy Director or Director. 

Applying for ICP

To apply for Instructor Certification, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Program Manager of the program you are interested in instructing.
  2. Submit an application to the Program Manager, who, if applicable, will send you program specific documents.
  3. All program managers arrange apprenticeships and evaluations.
  4. ICP support will issue your approved certification.


If you have any questions regarding Instructor Certification, please contact the following staff:

Bob Graham, Program Manager
(206) 786-4401

Application Documents

The following application is to be submitted to the Program Manager of the of program you are interested in instructing.
ICP-Instructor Application