Misdemeanant Probation Counselor Academy

The MPCA is 80 hours in length and is designed to provide training for adult probation officers.  The course will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • The criminal justice system
  • Community and personal safety
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Specialty courts
  • Motivational interviewing and models for change

The second week of the academy will focus on case management.  During that week, participants can expect to cover the following points:

  • Written documentation and report
  • File and record management
  • Pre-sentence investigations
  • Intakes - Risk, responsivity, and needs
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Special populations - Mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence

The Legislature has continued the mandated 25% cost share for the Misdemeanant Probation Counselor Academy. Agencies will be billed post the first day of class and payment is expected prior to graduation per RCW 43.101.200.

View our full cost share sheet for mandated and non mandated agencies here.

Valerie Jenkins-Weaver (Corrections Certification Manager)

(206) 835-7299

Who can attend our classes?

This academy is open to recruits who have been hired by a criminal justice agency.  Sponsoring agencies will submit application materials on the recruits' behalf.

Dress Code

Visitors attending training at the WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt/uniform or agency ID badge while on campus. 

Visitors not wearing agency identification can attend classes in business casual attire.  They will need check in at the front desk and wear a clip-on visitor's identification card.


The Misdemeanant Probation Counselor Academy must be completed within six months of hire by all full time employees of a city, county, or political subdivision of the state of Washington per WAC 139-10-210 and WAC 139-10-235.

Mandated agencies: City, County, State Universities, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and Railroad

Non mandated agencies: Tribal Police, Gambling Commission, Liquor & Cannabis Board, WA State Parks & Recreation, Arson Investigators, DNR and Reserves.


MPCA classes are typically held 0800 to 1700 Monday through Friday.

The number of MPCA classes held per year will vary each year depending on legislative decisions and funding.  The schedules below outline all classes approved for the specified fiscal year.  

Please note: These schedules are subject to change without notice.  Training Officers must read selection notices carefully to ensure they have the correct dates.


Agency's wishing to cancel an applicant must notify the registrar via phone or email.


To register an applicant for the MPCA, the following forms must be completed and submitted together.  Partial applications will not be accepted, and will not serve as a placeholder for a class.  

Recruits will be placed into the next available slot on a first come, first serve basis.  It is in the agency's best interest to submit a complete application packet upon hire.

Completed application packets must be emailed to the registrar at basictraining@cjtc.state.wa.us.