Private Security, Private Investigator, and Bail Bond Recovery Agent Firearms Certificate


Due to the pandemic, all classes are postponed until October 2022.

For any inquiries on the Firearms Certificate Program, please email

Staff are working remotely and processing applications as they are received.  You are welcome to use our electronic payment option we have available to submit Initial Firearms Certificate Applications.  See ACH Electronic Payment Instructions under Forms for more details.  We are available by email at

Welcome to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Private Security, Private Investigator, and Bail Bond Recovery Agent Firearms Certificate Page.  You must have a Firearms Certificate in order to obtain an Armed License from the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL).  The WSCJTC is mandated to issue Firearms Certificates per RCW and WAC.

The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission does not sponsor, provide training, or course material for the safety training that is necessary under I-1639 for an individual who is interested in the purchase of a semiautomatic assault rifle.

Any instructors associated with the WSCJTC who choose to provide this training are not sponsored or endorsed by the WSCJTC to provide any "Firearms Safety Training" as listed in I-1639 Section 3(a) and Section 6(vi) - or any sections pertaining to training for this initiative.

Obtaining a Firearms Certificate

 To obtain the firearms certificate, please follow these steps.

  1. Apply at the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) for your Armed License.
  2. Complete an 8-hour Firearms Certificate Training Class using one of our Private Security Certified Instructors (Last updated April 2022). 
  3. Complete the written test.
  4. Complete your firearm qualification for EACH firearm you carry while working (including long arms, if applicable).

Your agency/company must send a complete application packet to WSCJTC for your Firearms Certificate with the $100 fee. WSCJTC only accepts check or money order for payment. Written tests and firearm qualifications are good for only 6 months.

Once your application is processed your company will receive your Firearms Certificate by email. The DOL accesses our Firearms Certificates database and they will check that database before issuing the armed license.

We offer a study guide that is available for download.

Fully Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers that would like to apply for a Firearms Certificate, please view this information sheet

Termination, Resignation and Transfers

If you have an employee who is no longer working armed, has resigned, or has been terminated, please complete this form to report information to us.

If an employee leaves your company and comes back within 30 days, submit the 721E form with the applicable firearm qualification.

When an employee transfers from one agency to another, the agency transfer paperwork is only valid if it is submitted within 30 days from leaving the prior company.

  • If over 30 days have passed, an Initial Firearms Certificate Application Packet will need to be submitted.


For additional information on the Firearms Certificate Program, please contact:

Tisha Jones, Program Manager
(206) 779-5381

Application Documents

 The following forms are available for download and use.
ACH Firearms Certificate Payment Instructions (2020)

Form CJ-721A Agency Transfer Packet (2021)

Form CJ-721B Add-Remove Firearms Packet (2021)

Form CJ-721C Address Change (2020)

Form CJ-721D Employee Profile Change (2020)

Form CJ-721E Returning Employee Packet (2020)

Form CJ-726 Firearms Certificate Application Packet (2022)

New – PSPI Document Drop Box Link: SUBMIT HERE

Note: Payment must be sent separately to the address below. Ensure you provide the name and type of application with the payment.



PO Box 40905

Olympia, WA 98504-0905


If you would like to use ACH/Wire Transfer, click here for instructions. 

Instructor Materials

 The following forms are to be used by instructors for Firearms Certificate Training.

If you have a complaint about an Firearms Certificate Instructor, please use this form:

Additional Resources

Overview of the eight hour and four hour certification training.   

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