Special Investigations

The following courses are designed for WA State law enforcement investigators, corners, medical examiners, prosecutors, and specialized interviewers.  The goal of our courses are to help participants become proficient in investigations, and to continue improving their skills.

Due to RCW regulations on training, certain courses will prioritize certain professions.  Click below on any of our courses for more information on additional requirements and course structure.

Course Name Course Number Description Cost

This is a week-long multidisciplinary course for WA State law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and specialized child interviewers.  The training is co-sponsored by the WA State CJTC and the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence.  The focus is on improving investigative skills in child sexual abuse and physical abuse cases, with emphasis on the forensic interview with the child in suspected sexual and physical abuse cases.

Free for mandated WA State law enforcement, prosecutors, CPS and child interviewers.

$500 for out-of-state applicants.

5359 The day long "refresher" class will be taught by CJTC Child Abuse Program Manager Patti Toth.  It will review and reinforce research-based best practices in child forensic interviewing and discuss recent modifications to best practices in child forensic interviewing.  $50
0230 This is an intensive 40 hour hands on photography class that teaches the student how to use their department issued DSLR camera equipment.  Students will learn to be confident using the equipment at crime scenes, searches and accident scenes in a variety of environments.  This class is taught at a beginner’s level of basic photography fundamentals.  $100
0240 This 40 hour course is intended to be a basic, fundamental training on homicide investigation. Base fee of $150. Fees may vary due to costs associated with the session.  Please verify the fee below for actual cost per class.
0520 40 hour course designed to instruct participants on effective hostage negotiations. $100
0222 This 24 hour course will cover a variety of topics relating to different types of interviews that may be conducted.  It will give participants a solid foundation of techniques that they may utilize during interrogations and interviews.



This three day course with 4-5 hours of pre-requisite materials will equip officers with knowledge and techniques to diffuse anxieties, enhance communications, and further mitigate the impacts of sexual assault-related trauma experienced by victims of sexual assault and overlapping crimes.

Free for WA State officers, prosecutors, or systems-based advocates.

$500 for out-of-state participants.

6007 This is a three day course for WA State law enforcement investigators, coroners and medical examiners who are responsible for investigating child fatality cases.  The goal of the course is to help investigators become proficient in investigating sudden and unexplained infant death & serious injury scenes and will include learning how to use dolls for reconstruction photos and suspect demonstrations. $100