Substance Use Disorders

The following courses are designed to provide information and tools for law enforcement personnel who are responding to situations related to drug use and substance use disorders (SUD), including arriving first on the scene of overdoses and other crises.

Utilizing subject matter experts to present evidence-based and promising practices, the goal of these trainings is to increase officers’ knowledge and skills when interacting with people who use substances.

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This ninety-minute presentation and discussion with a panel of officers, prosecutors, and service providers will focus on the LEAD model and its approach to building a collective, multi-agency system of response to reduce the crime and disorder than can stem from unmanaged mental illness or substance use.


In this 3 hour course, SHIELD trains police officers how to be safe, healthy, and more effective when performing their duties during the overdose crisis. It is a vital resource at a time when police are being asked to do more with less, while facing high risks and reduced public support.