Violence De-Escalation Training

Course Name Course Number Description Cost
0521 This 50 hour course will provide the participants with an understanding of contemporary theories and concepts used during Law Enforcement tactical operations.  Upon completion of this course participants will possess the fundamental knowledge and skills to function in the various positions required of a SWAT team member. $800
2192 Participants will demonstrate a variety of skills, such as threat recognition, prioritization and response, high risk handcuffing, legal authority and many others. No Fee
2190 Tactics Instructor is an 80-hour comprehensive patrol tactics course designed to promote safe and effective tactics typically required on a daily basis for LEO. This course is the prerequisite for all other advanced/unusual occurrence tactics classes. No fee 

Given a written and practical exam composed of vehicle contacts, person contacts and structural clearing.  Participants will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Threat recognition, prioritization and response
  • Behavioral crisis de-escalation and communication
  • Dealing with edged weapons
  • Contact and cover
  • Equipment management
  • Critical Life Saving Skills
  • Angular evaluations on vertical edges