Training & Education

WSCJTC holds a variety of courses for those in the law enforcement, corrections, public safety and the criminal justice field. Many of these courses have prerequisistes that must be met, and may only be open to certain individuals. Click any course below for more information on availability and requirements.

Disclaimer: The courses labeled as WSCJTC are fully supported by Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, all registration, curriculum, and instructors are managed by Commission. Courses labeled with Vendor are being advertised as a courtesy to the stakeholder agency hosting the course. WSCJTC has not evaluated the content or presentation for these courses – these listings are merely a convenience to our stakeholders and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by WSCJTC.

Special Investigations

The following courses are designed for WA State law enforcement investigators, coroners, medical examiners, prosecutors, and specialized interviewers.  The goal of our courses are to help participants become proficient in investigations, and to continue improving their skills.

Due to RCW regulations on training, certain courses will prioritize certain professions.  Click below on any of our courses for more information on additional requirements and course structure.

Title Training Number Location Description Training Type
Child Abuse Interviewing & Assessment - Webcourse 5358

This is a 4 day (32 hour) multidisciplinary online course for WA State law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, and specialized child interviewers. The training is co-sponsored by the WA State CJTC and the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence. There are 30 hours of classroom and self-study with 2 hours of pre-course work.

Sexual Assault Investigations: Patrol Officer Response to Sexual Assault- Virtual Virtual

An increased understanding of the neurobiological impacts of trauma on victims of sexual violence have led to more effective law enforcement tactics for engaging with victims of these crimes. A trauma-informed approach by patrol officers, as prescribed in this two-hour training, can lead to increased criminal justice participation by victims and therefore higher rates of accountability for offenders.

Sexual Assault Investigations: Victim-Centered Engagement and Resiliency Tactics (SAI-VCERT)- Virtual 7100 Virtual

This comprehensive sexual assault training is mandated through RCW 43.101.272 for officers assigned to regularly investigate sexual assault and other gender-based violence involving adult victims as well as the highest-ranking supervisors and commanders overseeing those investigations. Training is required within one year of being assigned. SAI is a 4-day online course which includes up to six hours of pre-course work and take-home materials.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigations-Online 6007 Virtual

This online course is for WA State law enforcement investigators, coroners, and medical examiners who are responsible for investigating child fatality cases. The goal of the course is to help investigators become proficient in investigating sudden and unexplained infant death and serious injury scenes.