Single Officer Response Instructor Course

This course is hosted by the Connell Police Department.

This course is a 5 day/48 hour intensive, single officer based active shooter response course. Topics taught include: exterior movement, hallway movement, breaching setups, room entries, post shooting procedures, medical, and command and control, course development, policy considerations, conducting effective training. Since the emphasis is “what to teach” and not “how to teach”, it is helpful if attendees have some instructor experience in any topic but it is not a prerequisite.

Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.




Who can attend our classes?

Course is open to law enforcement and military only.

Required Equipment

Students will need any/all deployment gear assigned to them or gear that they would actually deploy with. This course is a scenario based course and the will be conducted with the use of Simunition FX® equipment. Students will need their own conversion kit for rifle and or pistol plus approximately 125 rounds of Simunition FX®. Conversion kits and ammo are available at extra cost. Please indicate the need for rentals at the time of registration.